About Us

Mountain Top Woodcrafts is a family business.  Hubby (Bobby) and wife (Stephanie), and their 20 year old son (Donald), are a great team!  We've ran numerous businesses as individuals and as partners and Mountain Top Woodcrafts is their newest venture. All items are USA Made in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee.

Wifey is an artisan by trade. She had an embroidery business (HeartStrings Embroidery) for over 20 years and has dabbled in just about every creative outlet you can think of. Hubby has been a little less creative but not because he didn't want to. His career as a mechanic and truck driver didn't leave much time to work creatively. He's had numerous machines such as laser engravers and Plasma Machines over the years. 

The 4 children have left the nest!!! It is FINALLY time for them to be creative as a couple! After 28 years of marriage, they can read each other pretty well and know where each of their strengths and weaknesses are.

Wifey designs, Hubby engraves, son does all the heavy lifting and sanding! This is  the perfect combination to create wonderful wood items!! Watch for wonderful things to happen at Mountain Top Woodcrafts!